No 401 earth day

This has been a super wow weekend in Upstate New York!

After tireless efforts and plenty of damage already done, it looks like this could be a win!

As New York, is facing the threat of several fossil fuel infrastructure nightmares, it is super encouraging to see our elected officials listening to the people!

Now to shut down Indian Point, stop the Spectra pipeline headed for 105′ away from the Nuclear Power plant. Recognize the dangers there, and with the Pilgrim pipeline as well… We are all Seneca Lake, so lets NOT store millions of gallons of fracked gas beneath that body of water.

Deep appreciation to Co-Director of Earth Guardians Sullivan County and Earth Guardians RYSE Youth Council member, Iris Fen Gillingham who has been fighting the Constitution Pipeline for quite some time. She has been attending rallies, press conferences and actions where she has tirelessly represented the youth in this action. A huge shout out to Catskill Mountainkeeper and their never ending commitment and work on fighting this project and the invasion of fossil fuels in NY! (As well as their support for EGNY since day one).

Many thanks to all of the grassroots groups, organizations and individuals who took action! And thank you Governor Cuomo and the DEC for listening to the people!

We are jumping with joy,
The Earth Guardians New York Tribe


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