We are blessed with an incredible community of change makers, and creatives and our support network is tremendous. We are working to recognize everyone, and this is just the beginning of what is and will become an even longer “Thank You” list here on this page. Please consider these people and their initiatives when you are thinking Local 😉

jackie golden notebook

Jackie Kellachan and the Golden Notebook Bookstore family have been hosting EGNY in their upstairs space since we began meeting back in February of 2015. They have been a rock in this community and are always looking for ways to encourage people of all ages to be artful. We are eternally grateful, and will always call the Golden Notebook our first home. Please, do what you can to support independent bookstores to thrive in your community. Remember, they can almost always order what they don’t have! We Love you Jackie and the Golden Notebook Crew!

rebby loveRebecca Martin, founder of is one of our most treasured mentors and supporters. Her work in Civic engagement and governmental transparency has been a tremendous asset to the sustainability of our local community and her work goes beyond the Hudson Valley for sure! Her work on the recent staving off of a major water privatization disaster was part of the inspiration for Earth Guardians New York. Without her we may not have come this far yet. An artist, musician, mother and beloved friend, we are so fortunate to have her support!

cathy pilar

Cathy McNamara is the Editor & Chief of the Good Life Youth Journal which, was founded in response to an urgent need. In harsh economic times this youth generation is faced with unprecedented challenges. The Journal allows 10- to 20-year-olds to learn responsibility, earn money and receive recognition for their unique abilities in art, music and the written word. Cathy has been an amazing cheerleader of the Earth Guardians Mission, supporting EGNY in all of our endeavors. The EGNY Crew is working with the Earth Guardians crew in Boulder on a regular Special Environmental Feature  which began its run in the last issue of 2015. Keep your eye out for news and stories from Earth Guardians all over the world.   Cathy, we thank you so much for all of your love and support!

THOMAS PIGNONEThomas Pignone provides the Woodstock community with a beautiful meeting place for dance, yoga, screenings, music and events. The Mountainview Studio is one of the places local grassroots groups find ourselves coming together for just about all that is offered there. We began our Climate Victory Garden in the yard with a beautiful apple tree that is doing quite well! We are looking forward to planting some bulbs this fall and really digging in come spring.

Thomas is a true community minded soul and we are so thankful for all of the space he makes for us! Thank you Tom!


Polly Howells has been a champion for Earth Guardians New York from Day One! Her support is coming in so many ways. Her efforts to include the EGNY Crew in Transition Woodstock and Bioneers activities, has helped us to grow tremendously. Her Practical, Spirit filled guidance has been invaluable to our expansion as people, and as an organization. Polly, you are the Best! We love you!


Patty Goodwin has been working toward our region’s sustainable future for decades. She has opened her arms to EGNY in loving support and friendship, sharing her work with Woodstock Land Conservancy, and Omega Institute for Higher Learning since she first learned about our work. Patty, we are forever thankful for Your support!



Cynthia Adler is one of EGNY’s most vibrant Cheerleaders. Her encouragement and belief in our mission is uplifting and tremendously valuable. She brings Humor, ideas and energy to our efforts, like fuel to the fire. Cynthia is the instigator of the new collaboration between Good Life Youth Journal and Earth guardians, resulting in a regular Feature Section in the Journal, focused on Environmental Awareness.

kate Hass eg angelKate Haas is an inspirational being of the highest proportions. Her love and care for our mission from across the country has helped us to keep going. As a dear friend and mentor to Co-Director, Rachel Marco-Havens, she has brought  sparkle and joy to our project in some of the most beautiful ways!



Susan Hereth is a Native Woodstocker who stayed in the Catskills to raise her son, and give back to the community. As the Education Director for Hudson Valley Seed, she is dedicated to connecting young people with the earth. Check out their work! Her support for EGNY is tremendously Appreciated!