Earth Guardians New York Crew is working locally to support our community and the overall Earth Guardians mission to protect the Earth, Air, Water and Atmosphere.


Current Active projects:

While we are working with the Colorado Earth Guardians crew to spread the word about Climate Change on a large scale, we are primarily focused on our local region. You can see a few of the issues we are tracking here:

  • Climate Victory Garden: Earth Guardians NY just broke ground on a Climate Victory Garden here in Woodstock, at The MountainView Studio with the planting of our second Honey Crisp Apple Tree! This will be a beautiful way to work together in the sun and engage young people in the planting of beautiful solutions. We are learning more about Carbon Sequestering plants to not only beautify the area, but bring health to the planet.
  • Woodstock Peace Flag Initiative—A global Community Art Project:     A collective art project with a vision for peace.Together, Earth Guardians New York and One Voice Global are creating a string of YOUR Peace Flags in a Global Community Art Project, to bring PeaceMakers and Climate Solutionists together to work toward a common goal… Peace on Earth. We invite you to add your own Peace flag to our string, to which there is no end… We will continue to be accepting your art to add to the flags, sharing it as it grows in length.

EGNY Peace Flag contact: Rachel Marco-Havens or Jennifer Zackin


2 thoughts on “EGNY PROJECTS

    1. We are so glad to be coming together to work for our local region as well as the planet! We are all in this together! Come by and catch a meeting on a Tuesday afternoon (currently we meet at the Mountainview Studio from 4:30-6:00. If it is raining, we meet upstairs at the Golden Notebook), where we are planting a Climate Victory Garden! We welcome organic soil, plants if you are thinning out your gardens or help with plotting and planting! Come one come all! 😉


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