Earth Guardians New York is One Year Old!! And for our Anniversary we are celebrating by preparing to open an office for productivity & outreach in Woodstock! It is amazing that we have come this far, being a volunteer run chapter.

This has been especially due to the support of the community.

We have begun to prepare the office, and are working to pull all of the logistics and finances together to make it a smooth landing.

On Sunday May 29th, the paper was pulled from the windows, revealing the inside of our the place to the public. So exciting! (Pictures of the inside, to follow!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.15.12 AM.png

If you would like to donate to help us make this happen, we have two options to host the varied donors needs.

gofundme pic

We found that gofundme works well for smaller donations and the opportunity for people to receive something for their donation (perks).


For those who wish to make larger or tax deductible contributions, you can make a tax deductible donation at Catskill Mountainkeeper, who has generously stepped up to support our fundraising by sponsoring our efforts!

Check out the video below and then read a little bit about our vision for the space. We will be updating the page regularly, so stay tuned!

Many many thanks for all of the community support that has been coming to us with such generosity and inspiration. We look forward to the collaborative projects to come!

Please note: At the time of the making of this video, we were hoping to open a Center. But Due to the space constraints, the fact that Earth Guardians New York is a completely volunteer run project, we will be opening an OFFICE, to better support our efforts to connect young people with existing community projects.

While we hope to be offering workshops and classes throughout the year, they will be in short, structured formatted time frames, and encourage the use of our incredible Carskills environment to support connection to the earth. There are currently no structures set up for connecting young people to the myriad of opportunity in the Woodstock area and we seek to gather the people, resources and inspiration to do so. 

Vision for EGNY Office in Woodstock  

For The Preservation Of Our Collective Commons

We live in a world where people look at their phones more than each other. While, we see the value in using social media for things like gathering initiatives and staying connected to other EG Crews, Earth Guardians feel strongly that true community trumps technology. And we want to give something back.

With an Environmental Outreach Office, EGNY will be able to be more creative about entrepreneurial fundraising development, hosting projects and assisting young people in creating projects of their own.  With an accessible presence, we will provide much more to the community.

As a youth-led, intergenerational organization dedicated to using our creativity to inspire positive change, the possibilities for participation and collaboration on this project are endless.

Why Do We Believe We Need A Central Office?:

Relationship Before Task—True Civic Engagement begins with getting to know each other and the neighborhood. With opportunity for active Productivity & Outreach, EGNY will provide to discover and develop our individual strengths, combining them for greater efficiency and magnification of our voices.

GrowthWhen we began Earth Guardians NY chapter, we had no idea what we were in store for! But as the crews continue to pop in across the region, we are finding that it is awesome to support them as we grow as a tribe. Having this space makes that work so much more fun!

Mentorship—We want to meet the people who make up the organizations we are partnering with, learning from and supporting. With an office space, we will have the opportunity to bridge their work to the kids and the whole of the community.

Continuity—Projects come alive when they have room to spread out.

A Sense Of Ownership—When young people (who are often overlooked) are given tools and the time and space to build something, they often far exceed expectations.

All of our members have different schedules, and while we are accomplishing a lot with our projects, our public meetings are currently being held once a week in a local bookstore and at our garden plot. Having no central meeting place has limited our abilities to keep projects open, meet in person and keep our meetings truly public. These inspired and driven young people, have a vision for an office, with scheduled hours where the seeds for productive projects can be born.

EGNY feels that providing young people with mentorship, support, productive and creative activity and an education experience is important, not only to the well being of the young people in our community, but as one of the most urgent conversations of our time; Climate Change awareness is tantamount to the future of life on this planet. The topic of Climate Change crosses all races, genders, ages and property lines. The human connections to the speeding up of these changes are many, and those reasons touch every facet of our life on the planet.

Giving Back To The Community

Young people, who are often overlooked, thrive when they have a sense of ownership and responsibility.

The community in which we live is small, insular and limited in access to productive activity for young people. We would like to offer an option that provides creative and collaborative focus for young people now and in their future. EGNY will inspire young people to understand the importance of supporting their local communities.

Fundraising Goal:

EGNY is  a little more than halfway to raising the money to cover one year in our prime location. We believe that this is an attainable goal, and will allow us to be proactive about all aspects of our mission, which includes entrepreneurial strategies for sustaining our work… You can make tax deductible donations thanks to Catskill Mountainkeeper here:

CMK Donation Page Banner

We began this effort with a donation of $2500 from an anonyous donor, which we will use to support the monthly utility bills and insurance for the space. This is in addition to money raised through events and immense community support.

Why is EGNY looking to raise one year of expenses?

It is the goal of EGNY to raise the funds to cover one year of expenses—Rent, Utilities, Insurance—and work with members to sustain the space for the following year.

Many of the programs for young people in the area are pay-to-play, we want to be able to provide the opposite.

By removing the scramble to pay the rent, we are able to focus on learning more about solutions to the bigger questions that face our community and the planet.

A mission and goal of Earth Guardians is to nurture the leadership values of its membership. Earth Guardians New York is working to show the young people in our community that they are supported.

It makes sense that a young person who heads off to college, or out into the world, with a true connection to the stewardship of their home, would retain a desire to see it thrive.

By giving our young people a productive and creative space to connect to the community, we believe that we are giving the community a valuable gift.

What Will EGNY Do in The Office?

Partnering and supporting organizations and individuals are invited to display outreach materials, and promote meetings and educational events

We will provide opportunities for visitors to learn more about the Social, Economic and Environmental work happening in and around our region.

Because we are working closely with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and the Colorado Earth Guardians Crew,  EGNY members will have the opportunity to be involved in global initiatives and connecting with crews around the world. As a chapter of a larger organization, we will be working directly with headquarters to support the greater organization. This is a wonderful way to engage the crew in taking part in both our local community and global initiative.

Host Small Events:

Screenings, discussions and meetings, scheduled and impromptu happenings. We see this growing as we network and partner with others to better our community.

***The Mountainview Studio, Town Hall and Community Center are  all close, and can be used for larger meetings and events. We have been approached by many members of the community in support of our work, and we are excited to be a part of a growing, collaborative sharing community.

Research & Development:

We hope to have a dedicated computer for research, outreach and development of projects and initiatives.

Leadership Workshops:

As part of the RYSE (Rising Youth For a Sustainable Earth) Initiative, Earth Guardians NY will begin a series of local Leadership workshops to assist young people to confidently step up to lead projects, campaigns, and collective actions.

Mentorship opportunities:

The Hudson Valley is teeming with valuable resources for the expansion of Knowledge. As we learn what the young people in our area wish to grow with, we will be better able to draw from that well, providing them with opportunities to connect with Mentors who work in the field of their interest.

Entrepreneurial Exploration and Opportunity:

Creativity and invention allow for the growth of financial stability.

While, Grant Writing is a valuable skill, Earth Guardians value sustainability on all levels of this work. Within our mission, is the goal to sustain the chapter with entrepreneurial action. With this space, we will exploring creative possibilities for fundraising.

It is our desire to secure the funding for the rent & utilities for one year in advance, we will assist members in sustaining the Office.

With evolving projects, this will be an ideal opportunity to understand the process of fundraising and development.

Fundraising is not just about accepting donations and giving back to the community in kind, we want to change that paradigm.

Art Space:

We will be accepting donations of art supplies for art projects both in-house and in the field. Murals and public art projects are in the works for spring summer and autumn.

  • We will be working to sponsor programs happening around the region, often in collaboration with partnering and supportive organizations.

  • EGNY Co-Directors, Aidan Ferris and Rachel Marco-Havens will be working to create opportunities for young people to participate in  events, projects and workshops around the region.

We are super excited!

With Love and thanks,
The Earth Guardians New York Crew


4 thoughts on “EGNY OFFICE

  1. Fabulous! I will be donating soon. Thank you for reaching out for help, to support this initiative. I am honored to take part.


  2. Housts has engaged Kathy Anderson’s School for Young Artists to paint a mural on the sides of the building facing the parking lot. We’re inviting The Earth Guardians of Woodstock to work with us, coming up with the ideas, sketches and energy to inspire Woodstockers for years to come. Our first brainstorming session will be Sunday, March 5th, 1:00, at The School for Young Artists, 31 Wittenberg Road, Bearsville, NY 12409. Everyone is welcome.


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